Can't get any fresher!

Baby Num Num's can promise you the best tasting, homemade, organic baby food for your baby to enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner & snack.  All our food is made to order and frozen immediately into 1oz, fun shaped cubes wich means it can't get any fresher than if you made it yourself.  We use only the best ingredients found at local farms and organic markets.   We believe every baby deserves the chance to eat nutritious and yummy tasting meals without all the added yuckies.  We understand, from expierence, that life can get busy and working parents just don't have the time to make fresh baby food at home.  So let us do it for you!  You can choose from many different flavors on our Num Num's menu or you can get creative and mix up your own for us to make.  Order a weeks worth or a months worth.  All frozen baby food cubes are good in your freezer for 2-3 months and we'll deliver it right to your front door.  We also make fun, flavorful and healthy birthday cakes so check out our bakery for your little one's big day!  Enjoy!

It all started...

after my second baby was born.  At just one month old his doctor diagnosed him with baby Gerd and perscribed him liquid Tagament twice a day untill his symptoms where to go away.  I also had to completely change my diet because I nursed him and I found that when I ate certain, basic, foods he would fuss in pain for hours.  It was so hard to watch my little guy go through so much pain at such a young age.  When it was time to start him on baby food I was very leary about what to give him.  I had to treat everthing as if it would give him trouble.  It was at this point that I decided it would be best to make his food myself.  At least this way I knew exactly what he was eating and he wouldn't get any unnessesary extra yuckies added to his food.  I have always tried to add as much natural and organic food into my family's diets as possible and I tried the whole homemade baby food thing when my first child was born but as we all know too well life gets in the way and it's impossible to do it all in just one day.  My daughter was more of a trial and error baby, as most first babies are!  I learned alot while trying to make her food and over the years I've learned even more.  This time around I have perfected it and find it so easy to prepare my sons foods.  I also found that I really enjoy it!  My wish for all babies is that they too can expierence the freshest and tastiest foods possible.  I believe that a good start will lead the way to a life time of healthy eating.  This is why I developed Baby Num Num's.  I want to give all of you busy parents out there another option other than the yuckie jared food that your forced to buy. There is no end to what you can give them when it's fresh and made to order.  I could never even imagine how much better homemade organic baby food was going to be untill I started making it.  The differences are unimaginable.  The colors are so vibrant and beautiful that they stimulate your baby while eating and it becomes fun as well as nutritional.  The smells are so good it makes your mouth water while preparing babies food.  I can't imagine ever going back to any other way of eating for my little guy.  He is now completely off of the Tagament and has such an appetite for good foods that you would think he's an adult.  I hope I can provide a yummy diet for your baby and a lifetime of healthy eating habits. 

Happy num num's,