Breakfast Cereals

Made with whole grain, soy free, easy to digest, premium organic baby cereals.  Mixed grain cereal contains organic brown rice, organic oats & organic barley.  Rice Cereal contains organic brown rice.  Oatmeal Cereal contains organic oats.

Apple Blueberry Muffin - organic apples, organic mini blueberries, mixed grain cereal & cooking water from apples

Banana Bread - organic mashed banana, rice cereal & purified water

Peach Muffin - organic peach puree, rice cereal & purified water

Pumpkin Peach Muffin - organic pumpkin puree, organic peach puree, oatmeal cereal & purified water

Lunch & Dinner

Baby Pasta Salad - organic ditalini pasta, organic steamed baby peas & organic steamed diced carrots

On Top of Pasgetti - organic rice pasta, organic stewed tomatoes, all natural-organic ground beef & purified water

Num Num Chicken - organic white meat chicken, organic sweet potatoes, organic apples & organic low-sodium broth  

V is for Veggie - organic green beans, organic peas, organic squash, organic white potatoe, organic carrots & purified water

Tooty Fruity Puree's

aba daba Apples - organic apples, cooking water from apples

Just Peachy Peaches - organic peaches, cooking water from peaches

Pure Pears - organic pears, cooking water from pears

Vibrant Veggie Puree's

Sweet Peas for a Sweet Pea - organic small peas, cooking water from peas

Sweety Pie Potatoes - organic sweet potatoes, cooking water from sweet potatoes

Tickle Me Green Beans - organic green beans, cooking water from green beans


Made with your choice of purified water or organic rice milk.

Chuggu! Chuggu! - organic plain yogurt, organic bananas

Choo! Choo! - organic plain yogurt, organic bananas, organic peaches

Vroom! Vroom! - organic plain yogurt, organic bananas, organic blueberries

Grahm O's

powdered all natural, organic grahm crackers & oat o's